Tips on Creating More Believable Characters for Your Novel

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From all the books you’ve read, who’s your most favorite character? It’s hard to decide, isn’t it? You probably even have a whole list of them running through your mind right now!

But have you ever wondered what makes these characters stand out above the rest? What makes them so tangible that you could almost bring them alive in your mind’s eye?

Is it all simply to be attributed to the skill of the writer? Perhaps. But if you’re curious as to how these master storytellers make their characters leap out of the page, we’ll let you in on a few of their trade secrets.

To make your characters more believable, you should…

  1. Define their motivation.

    Think about what makes your characters do the things they do and what drives them to do things they usually wouldn’t do. By having a clear outline of your character’s goals, you will have an easier time dictating their actions throughout the whole story.

  2. Portray their essence.

    If you had to describe your character in one word, what would it be? Consider the things that make them who they are. Once you have a full grasp of their true nature, you will be able to portray your character consistently as the story progresses.

  3. Determine their flaws.

    Let’s be honest here, no one’s truly perfect. But, if you do plan to make your character the exception to the rule, give them a whole lot of consequences for it. This should make things a lot more exciting rather than allowing your characters to simply be omnipotent.

  4. Show their inner dialogue.

    How does your character process things? Don’t forget to portray not just your character’s physical form, but also the inner workings of their mind. With the inner dialogue out in the open, your readers will have a better grasp of what your protagonist is like as a whole.

  5. Trigger their senses.

    Everyone reacts to different situations in their own unique way. How does your protagonist navigate through a course of events? What do their companions think of them? Remember, your character’s actions will speak louder than their words.

  6. Test their capabilities.

    Adversity. Chaos. It’s what keeps the story alive. As much as you can, avoid being too nice to your characters. If every scenario went along their wishes, there would be little to no room for action and character development. Proceed to test their limits. Who knows, you might just unravel a new side to them. It might even become one of their defining traits!

Now that you have a couple of new tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to write more compelling characters! Why don’t you apply them in your current work now?

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