The Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Book

The Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Book
So you have finished your written masterpiece, now the next step is getting it published. You have two options here. One, you can find a publishing company, or two, you can publish it yourself.

There are numerous benefits to both options. However, here are some reasons for you to consider self-publishing your book:

  • Creative Control: The main advantage of self-publishing your book is having full creative control. This means you can control the design of your cover, the editing, and the printing. This is important because it will allow you to create the exact book you want. By going with a publishing company, all of these options will be out of your control.

  • More Profits: Going with a publishing company can be convenient but this also means you will only receive a percentage of the sales. By publishing the book on your own, you will get every single cent from your sales. This will provide you with better finances in life or for creating your next story.

  • Control of Prices: Another advantage of self-publishing your book is having control over the price. Just make sure you price it right. If you undervalue your book, then you may not create back your investment but if you overvalue it then no one will buy it. Find a good and fair price point.

  • Guarantees: It can be difficult getting a publisher to publish your book because they are looking for stories that will make a big profit and many of these companies do not want to take risks, especially on new authors. This is a problem you do not have to worry about by self-publishing your book.

  • Networking: Self-publishing your book can lead to exciting networking opportunities with authors, advertisers, press, and other people in the industry. This can make it easier for you to get your book out there and provide bigger and better opportunities in the future.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that can come from self-publishing your book. However, it is important to know that this can be a difficult process and this is where Bookwhip can help you out! Talk to one of our staff soon. Let’s plan your self-published book’s release!

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