Quick Tips to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

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Do you feel like your writing style has lost its edge?
Sharpen your skill with these tips:

  1. Begin with what you’re familiar with.

    It’s easier to start in a setting that you’re comfortable with. And no, that’s not being lazy. Rather than criticizing the current pool of knowledge you have, think of it as an accumulation of data that you’ve researched through the years.

  2. Once you’ve had your first step down, you can move on to more challenging heights. Don’t be afraid to start small. Remember, big mountains were once tiny stones.

  3. Tap into your imagination.

    When you’re writing, there’s no need to fear the unknown. In fact, it will only trigger your imagination to run wild.

    Admit it, you’ve often found your mind wandering about when your typing cursor starts to blink. Use that to your advantage by piecing together scenarios that won’t normally occur, or characters that are both eccentric and poignant. And when your thoughts start to run dry, you can do a bit of research to keep your creative juices flowing again!

  4. Never stop learning.

    Read. Read. Read. The more you know how published authors make their novels happen, the more you will be able to attain success. And besides, reading makes a great source of inspiration for when you feel a writer’s block coming up.

    Also, reading widens your perspective as a writer and it teaches you key points that you may have overlooked in your own work.

  5. Don’t paint a picture with just words.

    It’s easy to get lost in defining the narrative, but that’s not the only thing you should focus on. Too many stuffy words can be intimidating for your audience.

    Rather than load up information in the descriptive, give your readers the information to set the scene in their mind through the accents, actions, and clothes of your characters.

  6. Think like your reader.

    When you read your work in progress, do you find yourself continuing seamlessly from one paragraph to the next?

    Remember, your readers aren’t required to pick up your book. The first few lines should give them a lasting impression.

  7. Never be afraid to revise.

    Not everyone gets it right the first time. If you’re unsatisfied with your current work, feel free to chop off some bits and shape it to your liking. Continue to work through every line, dialogue, and setting until everything is perfectly in place.

    If you feel like your mind is at a halt, take a break. Go for a stroll or watch a movie to refresh your head. Once you feel renewed, you will have an easier time carving through your masterpiece.

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