Professional Authors, Here Are Activities That Can Pull You Out of a Writer’s Block

No matter how high your skill level is, there will come a time where your train of thought trails off.

Sure, you may be adamant about finishing the chapter you’re working on, but it just seems so impossible at the moment.

At times, you can’t help but find yourself stuck in your seat staring at the blinking cursor for minutes (sometimes even hours!), while waiting for inspiration to come to you again.

But as a professional author, you can’t exactly spend your day waiting for inspiration to come. There are deadlines to beat!

But how can you exactly combat writer’s block in such a short time? Bookwhip has come up with a short list of activities you can try out to regain your writing momentum:

  1. Take a break.

    Yes, a break. Even a quick ten-minute intermission can help you clear your mind and compose your thoughts. If you’re time-conscious, you can easily set a timer, so you can remain right on schedule.

  2. Go for a walk.

    A change of scenery should stir your senses. Put on your coat and take your dog out to the park for a bit. Go people watching; make casual observations. You’d be surprised how much you’re ready to write when you get back home!

  3. Clear the workspace.

    Clutter can become a distraction. Pause for a while and sort out the items you have on your desk. Once you’re done setting your table straight, you should be ready to resume your work.

  4. Listen to music.

    Try putting on some jazz or classical music tracks and relax. Close your eyes for a bit and ease yourself into the soothing musical notes. After a while of being relaxed, your brain will be filled with new ideas!

  5. Make coffee.

    Who doesn’t love coffee? Walking away from your work to brew yourself a fresh pot might just work wonders for you.

  6. Play a game.

    Yes, a game! It doesn’t have to be any game in particular, as long as it is able to distract your mind for a moment. You can try something old school like solitaire or a board game. If you have a gaming console, then you can run a game you like. (Just be sure not to get too carried away with playing! Otherwise, you might miss your deadline altogether. Yikes!)

The list of activities we have above aren’t the only things you can do to cure yourself of a writer’s block. If you have other preferred activities that work just as well, then go for it!

Once you’ve finished your work, think about how amazing it would be if you can share it with the public. That would surely be a great experience, wouldn’t it?

Well, in case you have decided on getting your masterpiece published, get in touch with Bookwhip right away! We will assist you. Call us!

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