You Are What You Eat: The Power of Words and Images

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The book was written based on the concept of ‘There is life and death in the power of the tongue’. It is very important that we are mindful of the choices of words that we speak into our lives. And the lives of others especially our loved ones as well as what we allow others to speak into our lives. Words, once uttered cannot be taken back. So we must be very careful before we say anything to ourselves or others especially where emotions are involved. Words as related to nutrients have the potential of impacting the health of an individual positively or negatively based on its source and content. Nutrients form a very integral part of our lives, likewise are words and images. Every living thing communicates in one way or the other. Either through reading, engaging in conversation, news forecasts, music, movies, television among others. But the source is what is of interest or important. The self-esteem, confidence, morality, spirituality, physical health, and emotional health of an individual are highly influenced by the kind of information one feeds on. Likewise, a person’s relational as well as career choices are most of the time also dictated by the kind of information they feed themselves with. It is therefore imperative that we watch the kind of information we feed our minds with. Because memories, once formed, are very difficult to shake off or discard. Even though the mind is a terrible thing to waste, we must see to it that how we are feeding it is helping us, not hurting us. You Are What You Eat: The Power of Words and Images was strictly written by the Holy Spirit inspiration. Though some of the illustrations in the book are based on my personal experiences I never knew or thought that those experiences I went through will one day become a book. But it is said our trials are our ministries. And now I believe God allowed me to go through those trials and experiences so that I can also help other people who may also face similar challenges. And thus the purpose of this book. As Jesus told Peter in Luke 22:31, that satan has asked to sift all of them as wheat. But when he comes out of it he should strengthen others. It is a teaching or deliverance book. It is meant to open our eyes to some things that we do and others do to us that impact our lives but we may not be aware that it is the source of some of our problems.