Years of Challenge and Change: An Autobiography

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Years of Challenge and Change: An Autobiography is a very thought-provoking and inspirational rendition of a boy who grew up in the West Indies with a debilitation and challenging blood gene defect. Yet, the child grew with a desire to make the best of his physical limitations. He defied most of the early medical predictions of imminent death to become old enough to detail his understanding of the illness, his strengths, travels, educational accomplishments and his pastoral leadership of three succeeding congregations; the first on his island of birth, the second in London,

England with a multicultural fellowship, and the third which he founded in Miami, USA.
Through the grace of a caring God, the author ascribes glory and praise for daily strength that allowed him to mature. He gives honor to Christ who walked with him and guided him through many difficult and troubling times, battling the disease. He believes that God ordained him to be who he is so that others who meetor encounter him may be influenced by his calm and serene demeanor.

Apart from giving glory to Christ, he takes time to mention family members and friends whom God placed in his path. He attributes his survival to the wisdom, kindness, and influence of others that came to his assistance. He is of the view that God discards no one, and no one is outside of God’s power to be used of Him in bringing about change in others.

My challenge through life was a debilitating illness. Through the years, I made several changes in coping with the problem. Change is inevitable in life and only as we are challenged that we change for the better. My hope is that this volume will be of some assistance for the reader to identify the challenge in your life and change focus or direction, so as to allow the Holy Spirit of Christ to direct your way. Blessings!