What Does My Creator Think about Me?: Words from Heaven Directly for You Woman

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This book you have in your hands is a precious garment…why am I saying it? because in this book you will find what God or your creator thinks about you…everyone or the people around you will tell you lots of things and possibly you think that what people say or hear from them is what your creator thinks of you, because one thing is that what others say is what your creator thinks of you and another is that he really thinks and believes about you…because he who created you and allowed you to be He is the one who knows what kind of wood you are, in other words; He knows your whole being and what you are thinking and going through at this moment. I call this book as letters from a father to his daughter, because here your creator will speak to you as your real father who is…if you do not want to call him father is fine but one thing I will tell you, you have a creator you did not come from nothing, someone had to do something for that precious thing to be here which is you. If you pay attention to what you are reading, you will find a cure for your personal and spiritual illness…I give you my word that you have never read a book like this, because this book is unique and different from the others…I wish you the best…