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The Democratic Left and Deep State (one in the same), with the full support of the National Media (also one in the same with the others) has been seeking to discredit and remove from office the duly-elected 45th President of the United States from the day following his election. They first tried to derail his nomination while cheerleading the campaign of his opponent, but having failed spectacularly to insure her victory, they have sought from that moment to overturn his.

The author’s previous two books, TRUMP: The First 100 Days – The Assault intensifies! and RUSSIAGATE: The Second 100 Days – Deep State/Media Coup d’état! (available at the author’s website: www.TheTrumpAuthor.com) document the origins of the “Trump-Russia” collusion narrative, as well as the appointment of a Special “Counsel” (“Special PROSECUTOR” by any other name) to “investigate” (no, prosecute!) the President.

While Barack Obama’s enigmatic and meteoric rise to the Presidency, and the cover-up of his totally-disqualifying past as a part-time (?) Baskin-Robins summer worker. and Community Organizer on Chicago’s Southside WAS the biggest scandal and unsolved mystery in American political history, the now-thoroughly-documented attempted coup on his successor, Donald Trump, by the Department of Justice and the FBI (with the help of the State Department, CIA, NSA, National Intelligence Agency, and people scattered throughout the Obama Administration) has NOW become the greatest travesty in our nation’s history!

This book lays bare the entire story, from start to finish. Not only will reading it bring about a complete awareness and understanding of all that has gone on (and continues to go on to this day), but the effort will be rewarded with a mesmerizing account of the entire sordid saga. The reader may also find him or herself laughing uncontrollably at the writer’s biting humor towards those who pretend to defend the unprecedented lawlessness of those in the very agencies entrusted with protecting our citizens and enforcing our laws!

As one reader (and multiple commentators) have observed: “You can’t make this stuff up!”…and Ballantyne hasn’t. Neither has he left any stone unturned in his efforts to expose the fully-malignant corruption of the Clinton-Obama Deep State.

This is a book which EVERY American should read…before it’s too late!


Author T.M. Ballantyne, Jr has written and published six books on President Trump in the past 24 months. In this latest he relates in details the sordid tale of crime and corruption within the ranks of the deep State—primarily in the DOJ and FBI—which leads directly to the Obama Oval Office. As always, the author exposes the total dishonestly of a fully-complicit National Media who not only refuse to report the daily revelations of lawlessness, but do all in their power to protect the guilty while shaming the few brave men and women who have courageously fought to bring the malfeasance to light!