Under The Palm tree: A Journey from Childhood to Retirement

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Paulie the Ballie lives with his wife of 57 years on the West coast of Florida since 1994. He has two daughter’s and three Grand’s. Playing Golf is his passion and still hitting the ball straight but not as far gives this old Golfer tremendous enjoyment He always says, “Playing this great game keep’s one active and young of heart”.

Not to forget that it keeps one in touch socially contributing to a sense of belonging to community of sorts. This feeling of connection to others during these twilight years is so important as The Spirit of competing on the course is the best therapy as one can put aside any of his concerns that may be troublesome as the player’s is only thinking of stroking that little dimpled ball into yon hole.

He has written three endeavors which one has been republished with some minor additions that is Under The Palm Tree Take 2 soon to release by BookWhip.com.

And In The Light of Day published by Lulu.com And also a Play, “Y” soon to be published. All three works look at why we are here and just might be our destiny. Plus, some comments on Main Street. U.S.A. with some glances back in time.

All three efforts are based on some true events that have been embellished for effect.