The Rugby Experiment

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Have you ever considered the relevance of sport in our society?

Sport is primarily an entertainment, a social function, something that we get satisfaction in watching or participating in, in our spare time.

Have you ever wondered why it is so important to us?

Maybe the answer is that it gives us a release from the daily grind of life, of work and school. It gives us something to believe in, something to look forward to in the weekends. For some of us, its about the participation, for some its about the atmosphere, for some its about the social aspect. But for almost all of us, its about the winning. The fact that we, our group or community are better than the others. Sport would be pointless if there wasn’t any objective to it. The main objective in any sport is to win.

David Kingi, one of the wealthiest people on earth, needed something in his life other than the endless business deals and meetings that he is forever attending. David is approaching Forty years old with no family commitments and a vast amount of wealth. He needs some release in his life, but he doesn’t know what. David grew up in a very rural area, in a small island nation in the south pacific ocean. His life evolved around his family, the beach, the bush, and a sport called rugby. After embarrassing himself many years later in a rugby tournament, when his team unexpectedly lost in Europe. He had an idea, an idea that to his knowledge had never been tried before.
He decided to build a school in the middle of nowhere, away from the public eye, to create an elite training system so his team would never lose again.

What he ended up creating would challenge the psyche of a small island nation.