The Little Boy Who Could Talk to Bigfoot

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The story in this book is located in the beautiful area of the world where I live happily . . . Humboldt County, California. The story is about a little boy who lives near Rio Dell, California who has the ability to talk with the reclusive primate commonly known locally as “Bigfoot” This boy, Augy Goodson, is autistic. He becomes friends with a large group of Bigfoot’s, and his Father, Samuel Goodson has ulterior motives to use his son so he can capture a Bigfoot, and become famous as the person who proved to the world that the Bigfoot’s do indeed actually exist. Other character’s such as Shamieka, Sleeping Beaver, and Crazy Mylo, have a direct impact on the chain of events that unfold as they witness Augy’s special talents with the Bigfoot’s. It is a wonderful story that will make the reader realize that the people around them might not in fact be as they appear to be. The reader will also find themselves rooting for the Bigfoot’s, and come to like them, whether they believe the creature’s really do exist or not.