The Healing Seminars: Kauai 1989 & Chicago 1990 by Herb Fitch

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In 1979 after hearing a tape by Herb Fitch called, “Follow Me”, I drove 300 miles to a spiritual seminar up in Avila Beach California in order to meet Herb. Before I could have a private session with him, I attended his class on Saturday called, “Healing Outside of Time”.

During the class I went deeply into the Silence. While sitting there, I suddenly felt lifted up above my physical body. I was on a higher plane, another level of Consciousness; the Experience was intense.

Herb Fitch represents what can be attained when we give up all belief in personal sense; he is one of the most advanced mystics the world has ever known. His love and dedication for helping us to step into the Kingdom here and now are unparalleled. His understanding of scripture through revelation is phenomenal. He still works behind the scenes in the Invisible for all of us, this I know.

This book covers the 1989 Preparation talks and the 1990 Chicago Healing Seminar. The principles of healing are explained and proven. Read a paragraph or two at a time and then have a meditation, you will see that the healing principles are timeless.