The Ecumenical Affair

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The Ecumenical Affair is a true story of faith and redemption. A woman and a prominent Greek theologian, philosopher and politician meet quite unexpectantly at the 6th Assembly of the World Council of Churches.

The Woman’s faith and wisdom intrigue the Greek. She’s young, beautiful and a stay at home mom. Yet, he sees the fire within her –the desire for freedom that challenges traditional thinking and liberates people. He invites her to dinner. As their conversation continues into the night and their relationship develops, the Woman and the Greek reignite the controversy surrounding Mary Magdalene’s relationship to Jesus.

The Ecumenical Affair dares to go where Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code did not. Dan Brown insists the Church covered up the truth that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married—to each other. The Ecumenical Affair tells the story of the Woman and the Greek and their affair to reveal how difficult the truth is to face. The Ecumenical Affair asks: If Jesus and Mary Magdalene were caught in adultery, would you leave them to suffer the cross weighing heavy on their broken hearts? Caught—in adultery—they stand back to back wondering. Will they ever see each other face to face again? What or who will save them?