Story of Enneagram

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JULIETTE EDEN is a Gurdjieff follower, and Forth Way student. From 2009 to 2012 actively participated in a number of seminars, group meeting, attended lectures and cultural events closely connected with Gurdjieff legacy. First met Enneagram Symbol around quarter of a century back. Other interests used to include Yoga, Martial Arts, Zen, and Alchemy. Educated in Fine Arts, she in addition to visual art and craft, started shifting to writing. STORY OF ENNEAGRAM is her second attempt at writing book on Enneargam Symbol. Starting from original symbol, it quickly transcends it, presenting new kind of Enneagram, starting from Ten, and with Pentagram inside. With it, anything can be rediscovered anew, from button to doors as a symbol, to rainfall, vission, or aging. She enjoys playing and listening to music, nature trail, and outdoor activit