Professor Roy Yonce’s Autobiography

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This personal made book list many four year limit jobs, classifications, occupations, responsibilities held by Professor Roy Yonce during his 76 years. He was a Commercial Multi-engine rated pilot. He was also a college department Engineering Director and Professor. He did many other jobs for several Fortune 500 companies including TWA, AA, U.S. Department of Defense, General Telephone, Western Union, RCA, Sperry Univac, KOVO Radio, WJTS Radio, Decision One, Novell, Formation, Civil Air Patrol, Oklahoma Jr. College and others. A true to life Auto-Biography of an outstanding individual who was given away right after his birth because it was the the great depression year of 1933. A must have book in your library of a heart warming and motivational individual. It’s about Professor Roy Yonce’s life and many details. It’s full color over 200 pages with also over 200 color pictures and ID Business cards held by Professor Roy Yonce.