Personal Poet of God

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Personal Poet of God is a treasure of poems and poem stories, that God through His angels helped give me the words to. I just put the words back down on paper again, because there is nothing new under the sun. Some poems are about the Son of God and some are about the sun up above shinning in the sky. It’s a real life God given gift to write poetry that most readers usually doesn’t have to read between the lines realizing the obvious to the moral of the story or poem.

The poems and poem stories keep telling the reader, we are all going to live in one of the two Kingdoms forever when we die. Which Kingdom are you going to choose retiring to upon death? Will it be Paradise with Jesus King? Or the other less desired alternative being in burning fire that can’t be quenched with Satan?

Some poems tell Heavens secrets that all people should know. Somewhere in these poems everyone of us are incriminated at least once. The book tells of modern day magic and miracles adding that love is a good thing. English is somewhat cursed due to lack of communication skills of what people have acquired.

Poets can be Heaven sent, although they could be considered commoners to the clergy. These poems say keep on believing and God is for real. This book also shows a person can start out being one of the worst poets in the world, then end up later one of the most talented and gifted. A poet couldn’t have done it without the helping hands of God. Jesus is God and Creator.