Only A Dream

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Don T Resio has published many research articles in oceanography, meteorology, and coastal hazard assessment. Currently, a professor at the University of North Florida, he stays busy teaching the next generation of coastal scientists and engineers to adapt to the changing hazards facing coastal communities. To understand why he is publishing this book of poetry, one has to know that Don had an identical twin brother, Ron, who was an avid artist, painter, and poet. Unfortunately, Ron was one of earliest victims of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s. It turned out these brothers were the first identical twins where one twin had AIDS and the other did not. This made them ideal participants in the initial study of AIDS at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which contributed significantly to the recognition that AIDS was due to a virus and to the isolation of this virus. In spite of Don’s many trips to NIH to donate blood cells and bone marrow, and to participate in many medical experiments, Ron still passed away.

But with his death he left his voice
And now I know I have no choice
But to write these dreams he could not live
Not for the soliloquy I could not give
But now part of him lives on…….

The closeness they shared spans time and space and has made this book a labor of love.

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