Nature’s Nuggets of Truth: A Collection of Narrative Poems

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One poem is entitled My Alphabet of Me highlights the uniqueness
of human life. Two others raised the issue respectively of
What is Man? and What Man Needs? to bring to the fore of our minds
that we are exclusively valuable to the rest of our universe.
From reading the entire contents of this volume, I wish for my readers to
come to a greater appreciation of our universe; with human
life on a higher pedestal than all other things.
Then, with that appreciation for the sanctity of life;
respect, care, and preservation of all other areas of
nature that support and maintain our human existence.
If we can all aspire and work daily to bring about the above;
we will then begin to labor more harmoniously to
resolve world issues such as global warming,
obliteration of poverty, economic blackmail,
food deserts, and migration.
We can eliminate cultural differences, bigotry,
animosity, hatred –
and fulfill the double commandment of Christ:
“Love the Lord thy God and thy neighbor as thyself,”
Matthew 22: 38