My Generation: Growing Up a Baby-Boomer: A Personal Memoir of a Generation

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A prep school student in 1966, Chuck Denison felt the call of the counterculture. Along with a good bit of his generation he took the plunge. It took him from blues bars to jail, from communes in the Catskills to Bible School in North Dakota. With his own “Merry Pranksters” and the rolling party he lived the 60’s. And he had fun! This is no sour retelling of a misspent youth. Chuck met incredible people, from hired killers to famous rockers to Ed, the amnesiac.

Often hilarious, occasionally poignant, and possibly even important, this is their story, the story of a generation; and this is his story.

“A fabulous read!”
Author’s Son-in-law, Mark

“Best book I ever read!”
Author’s daughter, Rebekah

“WOW! I loved it!”
Author’s wife, Cindy