Moving Beyond Sunday: A Biblical Journey Through the Gates of Jerusalem

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In every Christian there lies a powerful Spirit. It is up to you-the believer-to enable the Spirit of God to move in the way God desires Him to move. For God did not give us the Spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control (2 Tim.1:7). Do you want to seek God’s guidance? Do you yearn to remove the character defects in your life but have never been able to? How do you know if you need to grow up? Check the list below, and ask yourself:

I have kept secrets about some of my faults and have hidden them from others?
Have I been avoiding Christian fellowship?
Do I feel frustrated that I’m not closer to God?
Do I continue to take steps backwards in my Christian walk?
Why do some Christians have it together, but I don’t seem to have any Godly fire in my life?
Have I attempted to get stronger in my faith but keep coming up short?
Can I continue to be just an average Christian?
Am I not reading the Bible and failing to memorize Scripture? Am I not meditating, fasting, or consistently witnessing?

How many of these apply to you? Are you ready to explore the power of the Holy Spirit in your life through Jesus Christ? If you apply the principles in this book and allow God to use the fire of His Word to refine your impurities, you will become a fulfilled, excited, and humble believer in Christ Jesus. Let’s move beyond Sunday together.