Monitors of Destruction

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For centuries, Monitors have walked among us, studying us. We had nothing they wanted, and we were too primitive to interact with them as equals. Then, things got interesting. Marco Antonio, a sanguinary eater who has observed humans for over eight hundred years, met Ann Jacob, a retired schoolteacher, and discovered that volcanoes are not the only things that explode. Five years after the Yellowstone eruption covered one-third of the continent, America has survived. By dealing with one problem at a time, humans have hung on. Even though they were damaged and crippled by hunger and disease, they used the scientific process to find a treatment that would heal shredded lungs and the horrible side effects suffered by all vertebrates (including Monitors and humans). Even though Monitors do not normally interfere with human problems, they did help to find a cure for the diseases caused by volcanic ash and obsidian shards. Despite the love between Ann and Marco Antonio, the presence of the Monitors remains a closely guarded secret. Merely observing what humans do to solve their own problems is not enough when Earth is attacked by a third party. When a drone has suddenly appeared and is systematically destroying every major city or military outpost on our planet, it is time to meet the president. No one knows who sent the drone or what they want, but Marco Antonio and Ann are determined to investigate. Monitors do not fight wars, but in this case, they will intercede and halt the decimation of our world.