Loving You Always

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Perish Small Town, U.S.A. was not only about the adults who lived there, but a handful of girls that observed more than they would ever tell, heard things no one else wanted to hear and never forgot the important things. The problem was important to whom?

No one kept score of the missing people. The adults said, those reports that appeared through the year were mere fabrications. But when you are ten and eleven years old and you fear something might jump out of your closet at night, you begin to wonder are those stories true?

When Lily died they were sad and unsettled, not to mention scared and they felt they had to find who was responsible. It seemed the only person knowing how to comfort them was Mrs. Delang. Sometimes she just asks them to sit quietly and let their inner peace take hold while she played the piano. Lily used to sit beside her playing those songs; that’s why I’ll be loving you always, stuck in their minds.