Lightstorm: An Incredible Journey Into Consciousness Interdimensional Life & UFO’s

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Much of our world is in bondage, is abused, exploited and manipulated. It is most obvious in the middle east as thousands are murdered and millions displaced, driven from their homes and towns by the same conquering spirit that has destroyed throughout history. Greedy, egotistical, self appointed murderers and thugs who have separated themselves from common sense and invented reasons to destroy, claiming justification and exaltation through their god. Those in the West who profess freedom are also in a grave dilemma. Materialism is so powerful in blocking Earth energy, hiding the true reason they have incarnated on Earth, that other members of our Cosmic family have offered to assist those who are awakened. The desire of our Universal family is for all mankind, east and west, to have the opportunity to awaken, to experience Consciousness through Source. Liberators are with us today, not involved in the shedding of blood but in the shedding of ignorance, of hopelessness, of abuse, physical, emotional, and psychological, for those who will receive it. Valiant, noble Souls standing ready to help and support the unfolding of that Divine Source in each individual that chooses to know and embrace their own Higher Consciousness.