Lazlo’s Revenge

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Lazlo’s Revenge is about one woman’s journey to uncover the real story behind the lives of her parents during the war years of WWI through WWII. Maxine, “Max,” leaves the comforts of her successful life as a journalist to travel throughout Eastern Europe where her family once lived and suffered. The journey unravels the horrors of war and brutal oppression of powerful men who endangered her parents, their ancestors, and millions of others worldwide who lived and died during this fascinating period of European history.

Lazlo’s Revenge is an introspection into the turmoil of the great wars of the twentieth century, viewed through the lens of innocent families whose lives are torn asunder by unstoppable winds of tyranny. Glen Thomas Hierlmeier recreates the profound losses and extraordinary loves of those who lived in this historic time. Revealing the past in a way you will not find in textbooks, with a serious romance that overcomes all obstacles, readers will fall in love with these true-to-life fictional characters cast into real historical circumstances, who come to life in a way that will emotionally draw you into their sorrows and their joys.