Israel the Chosen or the Enemy?

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On May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation. Now, 63 years later, many nations of the world have declared that Israel must be wiped from the map. God is not surprised. He told us that all nations would turn against Israel.

Are you surprised at this development? Did you ever think the United States and Great Britain, et al, would turn against Israel? The tiny nation of Israel, God’s chosen people, has or soon will become the enemy of all nations.

Prophecy, fulfilled, is confirmation of the authenticity of the Bible. Now it is time to turn to prophecies which detail the “final events” prior to God’s unleashing His righteous judgment on the enemies of Israel.

Recall that after the great flood only 8 persons survived. Why was nearly all mankind wiped out during that event? God was angered with the attitudes and actions of the people. Sin was rampant. Disobedience documented the lifestyle of people who had become self centered and self righteous. The people of the world ignored the commands of God.

Is history about to repeat itself? Are we approaching a time of sinful self indulgence never before equaled? Are we sliding toward Armageddon at a precipitous pace?