How to Say: I Love You

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JAG is simply another person on this earth that breathes the same air as the other billions of individual that live and have lived over the history of our planet. Life is wonderful and full of memorable moments. There are so many forces that operate in our presence that we are aware of and some that we are not aware of but still there. JAG wanted to know it all his endless searches usually resulted in poetry with conclusions or accounting of the situations or experiences. He has wandered for over Forty years on the east coast of the United States; the statement to know my works is to know me is very true and evident in this published work. Writings like “Just A Man” and “Message to Myself” reveals the essence of all JAG is and possible ever will be. Out of love for his higher power he constantly work at being the right man at the right time for the right endeavor; spreading love and happiness as best as he can through his actions, words, and prayers.