Honey the Rock Hound: A Puppy Dies a Family Mourns

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In many homes today pets are an important part of the family. How do you measure the bond between a child and their pat, or that of an elderly person living alone and theirs? Their grief is REAL! Walk hand and hand with ten year old Joey and his family as they mourn the death of their cocker spaniel puppy. Learn many helpful ways of working through the grieving process. Empower your child on ways to help others cope with grief later in life.

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The real life Honey loved to chase rocks and she would retrieve them as long as someone would throw them for her. She would sneak them in the house in her mouth, hide them, and when no one was looking she would drag them out and roll on them to scratch her back the author has written two other books regarding grief recovery. We grieve for many things, loss of our health, loss of a job. A lost romance, divorce, etc. One of his books, A Crash Course In Grief Recovery borrows the secret formula that propelled the Japanese, following WWII, to dominate world markets in autos and electronics for many years. Using grief recovery methods, every group, business and organization, would benefit from these simple practices. His other grief recovery book is for funeral service professionals, showing them how to bring grief recovery to their own community.

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