Hear God’s Thunder

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You are holding a book in your hands that can change your life, that is if you open your heart and read it carefully to the last page. As a pastor for close to 30 years, I have met many who called themselves a prophet, but they did not pass the test.

When I met Merienne Lynch, I encountered a prophet. She is a natural human being, yet with a supernatural gift of spiritual insight. The words she speaks pierce your soul with dead on accuracy which yield a fruitful life in those who will truly listen. You see, God is speaking through her to us as we read. This is not a book that you can speed read.

This is a book thick with the Glory of God, Whom you encounter on each page, creating moments where time stands still as the living God works Truth and Love into your soul.

Pastors, be open to God’s words of love and correction. Believers, get ready to go deeper into God. Seekers, this is what you have been seeking. Presidents and kings, bow here to the True King of Kings.

You will be tested, and you may question and even inwardly challenge the words to you in this book. But you cannot deny the anointing. You cannot deny the freedom of knowing the truth, and acting on it. Let’s get started!

Pastor Joseph Anthony Schroeder
Author, “My Little Miracle Story”