Has America Lost Its Way?: How to Survive the Decline of America

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Many people are unsure about how to live righteously in today’s uncertain world, where morals are rapidly declining. Has America Lost Its Way? is a step-by-step guidebook that will reveal the cause and effect of the lies we believe, teach you how to take the blinders off, change your way of life, and live with a sense of peace. America and Americans are making the same fatal flaws that signaled the demise of Rome and the Romans and other once-prominent Western civilizations. Author Frederick Mahan attributes affluence, prejudice, and the seven deadly sins to the deterioration. He analyzes the fall of other Western civilizations and compares the phenomena with what is happening in America today. Mahan then calls on insight from history, religion, literature, and philosophy. He cites gifted contributors who share the truths about love, marriage, democracy, and freedom, and shares personal accounts of his own spiritual failures and successes. He ultimately invites and motivates you to explore a relationship with God personified in Jesus Christ. This ultimate survivor’s manual will show you the way to live in an ever-changing and faithless world with a sense of direction and purpose and a genuine peace of mind.