GOD End-time Updates His Call to The Multitudes

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I, The Lord Jesus, speak throughout The Earth— to all who would prepare for an ongoing life with Me. For there, in the presence of an ongoing life with Me, is fullness of expression, is fullness in achievement of potential, is fullness of attainment in the company of God. I, The Lord Jesus, reach out to have the multitudes come to an understanding, come to an appreciation of all My open offer does include, come forth to witness the power and the miracles of God, come forth to stand and to receive My gift of Tongues in bringing the reality of God: unto each seeking life at large. I, The Lord Jesus, approach man when he is at home and possessive, when he is active and thinking, when he is vibrant and alive, when he is resting and at peace, when he is recalling and considering the reason for his being. I, The Lord Jesus, await a mortal response from man, a time-limited response in answer to the question: wherein reposes the solitude of man, wherein reposes the objectives of man, wherein reposes the garnering of man, wherein reposes the sovereignty of God: wherein the question of the thoughtful surfaces as— Why is the freewill of man of such importance to God? Why is the freewill of man such a determinant of the ultimate destiny of man? Why is the freewill of man either respected or honoured by God? Why is the freewill of man ‘Honoured’ by his movements within the new covenant.