Fly Like Icarus! Spontendor’s Second Adventure

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“Fly Like Icarus or Spontendor’s Second Adventure” is the fourth published work by Yolanta Lensky and the second book in the collection of stories about Spontendor, a Pegasus that had done very noble, brave, and most responsible deeds on the Olympus, an ancient city of gods where he is admired as a Super-hero by the kids and the adults for his spontaneous bravery, honesty, and the ability to be there for anyone who needs help and compassion. The plot of the book is built up on Spontendor’s sincere desire to find out the reason for the failure of a very memorable mythological character Icarus, his best friend, to conquer the Sun. The book is very knowledgeable and informative in its story development about how Spontendor managed to reveal the truth.

It is also very interactive and most appealing in the mood that it generates and the inspirational mind-sets that it promotes to instill in children the feelings of their uniqueness and creativity. It is noteworthy that the book is also drawing the children’s attention to the beauty of the English language by teaching them to work on the enrichment of their vocabulary stock and the development of their thinking critical skills that the author enhances in the section of the book, called “Do some reasoning.”

To Be Inspiring, Be inspired like Icarus!