Everyday Miracles

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Everyday Miracles

A Story Of Survival An Unexpected Blessings!

Judie almost decided not to write “Everyday Miracles” because it is the story of her experiences and many of them were very painful but in the end she made the decision to write and publish the book because she knew she wasn’t the only person with a life of trauma and pain. She felt the lessons she learned might help someone else deal with their own challenges.

“Everyday Miracles” has two keys that were vital to every event that happened throughout the book and the life of the writer.

  • Your first key is to Pray…..She prayed but didn’t think her prayers were answered but she shows you where her prayers were answered……
  • Your second key is to Expect Miracles…..She didn’t start out believing in miracles, but there were so many miracles that came into her life along the way & she shows you when and where the miracles happened and how you can find the miracles in your life.

What you will learn:

  • How to survive abuse, rape and abortion…A powerful story along with the steps you need to know so you will never be a victim of rape.
  • Is you child safe from kidnapping?….A story of desperation and triumph…..Learn the ways to locate your missing child.
  • Is your friend a casual friend or a true friend? Will they cover your back side or talk about you behind your back? Our friendship chapter is a must read.
  • “Legacy of Healing” teaches the art of healing naturally and feeling and looking great without side effects whether you are 8 or 88.
  • Have your decisions left you with regrets? Read the stories and experience the miracles of others that followed a different path after they prayed for help.
  • All books should end with good news! Chapter 15 will show you how to leave behind a “Worthwhile Legacy.” Leave behind a legacy that will outlive you.