Crazy for Sudoku: Word Trivia Book

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The object of Sudoku Trivia is to fill in each empty box with one of nine letters. Each letter can only appear once in each row, column, and block of nine.

Each finished puzzle will contain the answer word to the trivia clue. Answer the trivia clue and place it in the proper row or column to help you solve the puzzle. Words will be from 5-9 letters long. Words with less than 9 letters will have filler letters to make up the difference. If you get stuck on the clue or you’re not sure where it should go in the puzzle, try to fill in some letters to help you.

If you need help getting started a word list and an answer key is provided in the back of the book. The trivia answers are shaded in the answer key.

I hope you enjoy my Sudoku Word Trivia Book. Please visit Bookwhip.com and let us know how you liked Crazy For Sudoku Word Trivia Book Volume One. Volume Two coming soon.