Cracked Porcelain: The Full Story

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The original idea of writing cracked porcelain was to bring to you a message that life is not all about happiness, sometimes we have to experience sad moments. Cracked porcelain is about abuse and finding your own way of coping with the aftermath of such a vile act. It is also about finding your own comfort zone and living happily in a place that you feel safe in. It is about being comfortable with your own sexuality and gender many lives have been destroyed through someone else’s ignorance. I aim to shock in some ways by being blunt and forth right in my writing I do not apologise for this as it is my way of getting my point of view across. May I suggest that if you have been abused in any way, that you seek help there are many people like Ruth who are willing to help you. Don’t fight things on your own no one is an island and many people have been in situations like Pamela or Ruth.