Come Be Me For a Day

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My book, “Come Be Me For A Day – I’m An Ant,” is what I refer to as a “biofantasy,”
targeted for readers ages four to seven. It is the first in a proposed
series of stories that has the reader encountering a particular animal and
undergoing an imaginary transformation into the species. The reader is then
given a tour of the animal’s life through the eyes of the subject species who
is the guide.

This first book begins as a curious little boy accepts an offer to be an ant for
the day. The ant helps him start his “imagine machine” and leads him through
the transformation.The two explore an anthill and the grounds beyond,
meeting dangers and finding adventure along the way. The story provides
an active learning experience with questions, answers, and comparisons to
human life. It encourages the use of the imagination and rewards the child
with a memorable journey.

My home is Tallahassee, Florida. As a biologist, I’ve worked in the fields
of medicine and public education, and am currently employed as an
environmental consultant. My grandparents, an American Indian and a
Florida pioneer, influenced my connection to the natural world early in life.
My family includes two beautiful golden retrievers that keep me laughing,
two cats that keep me guessing, my soulmate, and an occasional wild critter
that wanders onto the porch.