Bloom Where You’re Planted

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Jacques Wiesel is a Holocaust survivor whose indomitable spirit enabled him to become #1 in 4 International Companies, beating out over 10,000 sales reps. As a sales trainer he brings new meaning to the word “motivation” in a unique and very new approach, unduplicated by his contemporaries. He also lectures in Temples, Universities and Retirement facilities. As a self-healer since age 19 he speaks at many women’s groups interested in improving their health by eliminating the fear of cancer and/or heart attacks. Jacques uses much humor to get his points across. He is on radio as well, and writes a monthly column for the HAPPY HERALD for the past 10 years. He is the author of 3 books on Self-Help and Communication Skills for those in the sales field. His unique background enables him to coach 1 on 1 with excellent results. He wrote this autobiography at age 79 because he finally slayed his “demons” and wants to share his main thesis which is: “If Jacques can do it I can do it!” He speaks at many schools about his experiences as an adolescent, to audiences ranging from 3rd Grade to College Seniors.