Black Heart Redemption

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Distant Drums warn of the danger to come! After years of peace, the treaty is ignored, as a warring tribe thunders through the mountain pass of the Cadotion village; replacing years of serenity with anguished screams and blood-soaked bodies!

Lane Gates and Jordan Buckley-Gates are forced to make a stand in the midst of this hellish rade! The lives of their beloved tribal-family, as well as their children’s lives hang in the balance, as they face off with the cannibalisic-worshippers of the underworld!

A pound of flesh is worth more than land, more than priceless jewels—to the deceived, and depraved minds of the Manerky it is years gained in power, at the side of the dark Underlord, Direignbang.

The stuff of nightmares, the Manerky have altered themselves into grotesque-animalistic monsters in their quest for eternity!

Their faith tested to the Limit, Lane, Jordan and Friends are in for the fight of their life!