Aftershocks: Healing PTSD From Sexual Assault and Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Estimates are that one-third of adult females and one-fourth of adult males in the USA were sexually abused as children. 91% of adult victims who are sexually assaulted/ raped are female. And 81% of females who are assaulted report having significant short term or long term impacts such as PTSD. The survivors of these multilayered wounds suffer, often for a lifetime, without healing intervention. Now cutting edge holistic Energy Psychology therapies allow people to heal more gently and rapidly than ever before. No longer must victims of sexual assault or child abuse suffer in silence, avoid therapy for fear of the emotional pain, or suffer extensively in years of talk therapy to make progress. With 21st century technology, advanced brain/ mind science, and the ability to change self-defeating beliefs in the subconscious mind, amazing healing can occur.