101 Battle Tested P/R Strategies for Successful Funeral Directors: Introducing a Powerful New P/R Strategy

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How does a little funeral home in a bedroom community claw it’s way up from fifty some odd calls a year to over 200 on retiring, and all the time fiercely competing with eight area top flight firms and a branch chapel? Answer: by developing unique P/R strategies the other guys don’t understand. One day the author tried something new. That unexpectedly developed into the most powerful strategy he had ever witnessed.
After retirement Thomas Anonymous combined two proven techniques into an effective grief recovery program that funeral directors can take to their entire communities. The program, if developed as suggested gives the funeral director a long range P/R advantage and a community free from lingering grief. Thomas Anonymous has also written a book for kids and others about pet loss he has also written a book for pre teens called The Legend of the Christmas Trees.