How to Become an Author with These 5 Simple Tips

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Your attempt to get published can end in rejection. Truth. And that’s just horrible – for you and the people who could have benefited from reading your work.

The possibility of getting rejected scares away a lot of writers and keeps them from sharing their message to the world. We have news for you – self-publishing has changed the game and shifted it into your favor.

Here’s the thing about self-publishing though, just because you are given this immense opportunity doesn’t mean you can just write whatever you want, knowing that it’s mediocre, and expect people to buy it. Presenting your book to the world requires you to give the very best of what your talents can offer.

After setting aside your self-doubt, follow these five simple tips to creating a book that is a true showcase of your capability.2 Women on a room

  1. What should you write about? Naturally, it would be easier to write about something you’re interested in. Something that fascinates you would be great to put into words. You can even write a novel about your personal experience. When you put something into writing, it has to mean something to you. You can move out of your comfort zone when you have more experience in your craft.
  2. Devote a few hours each day for writing your book. This is how you can get your book done. If you are determined to send a message to the world, then this shouldn’t be too hard to do. If you are uninspired, then find something that inspires you. Procrastination and excuses are your worst enemy so make sure to never entertain them.
  3. Get inspired. You write your best when inspiration strikes. Surround yourself with people and places that lift up your spirits. Write in a setting that triggers emotions that enable you to write exceptional work. Think of events that will get that pen moving over that parchment.
  4. Be in charge of the book cover. The book cover is everything. It’s the reason why a lot of books are sold in the first place. Since you know more about your story than anyone else, you should be in charge of it. It should be your vision that appears on the cover of your work.
  5. Edit properly. You simply cannot have an error-filled book published. It would be the biggest embarrassment of your life and your greatest humiliation as an author. You must have an editor go through your book regardless of how amazing a writer you are. Everything has to flow freely and accordingly and any mistakes have to be corrected.

Bookwhip can certainly teach you a thing or two about how to become an amazing author. If writing is what you love, then write, write, write. When you continue on dreaming and writing, then everything else will follow.

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