How Can You Create a Well-Loved Novel? 6 Things Authors Should Consider

Working as a novel writer is a “hard-knock life”. Depending on the circumstances, day-to-day living can be grueling. But if you really believe that you have that storyteller in you, nothing should stop you from pursuing this make-or-break career.

How to become a reputable novel writer? First, you have to produce a book that will be loved by many – not just hundreds and thousands, as much as possible, millions! But that part is never easy. The reading community is becoming pickier these days demanding you to appease their never-ending appetite. In order to produce a novel that will enamor the public, you must carefully undergo the following steps:

  • Identify your audience.
    It is crucial to ascertain who do you want to write your story for. If you are successful with this, then your novel can begin with a strong direction. Not being able to know who your stories are going to be about and for may confuse you in the process.
  • Know what your readers want.
    Each kind of reader has specific needs. Patterning your ideas to what is popular and well-received is an effective way to gain patrons. But this is not always true. Sometimes, shocking your readers can lead to pleasant reviews.
  • Establish an interesting context.
    Are you going to write romance, sci-fi, or mystery? Regardless of the genre, always be relevant and grounded. Never allow your story to be flat. Give it dimensions.
  • Bring the characters and setting to life.
    The best way to make your story appealing is giving characters and settings a sense of reality. Even if you are writing non-fiction, if the scenarios in the story are compelling enough, readers will eventually believe the descriptions.
  • Create an unforgettable ending.
    Endings can make or break a story. It is not about happy or sad endings. What matters most is giving justice to the plot’s important characters, tension, and climax.
  • Get professional marketing help.
    Effective marketing is like the second lifeline for novel authors. Regardless of the technical magnificence of your outcome, all your efforts will go to waste if the same is not properly advertised to your targeted audience. You cannot just expect readers to flood your office and ask for your novel, right? They need to be enticed.

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