Learn why authors are choosing Bookwhip in publishing, promoting, and selling their masterpiece.
Dr. Mathew Knowles

Bookwhip is a company that I recommend to anyone interested in all aspects of designing, promoting and marketing their book. Bookwhip is a reliable source who also provides excellent service and quality book publishing and distribution services. They captured the essence and meaning of my book, Racism From The Eyes Of A Child. Their knowledge and understanding of the content of my book made it come to life and I am so grateful.

– Dr. Mathew Knowles

Jeffrey Sunner

From the moment I contacted Bookwhip, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. They have a focused team and they’ve made me feel as if I were their only client. Demonstrating dedication, honesty and a good work ethic, during these last few months, the courteous help they have consistently given me has been a driving force in turning my manuscript into a polished book. I have nothing but good to say about those with whom I’ve worked. Thanks to everyone at Bookwhip!!

– Jeffrey Sunner

Dr. Louis M. Houston

I am Dr. Louis M. Houston. I have re-published my book, Probability Mechanics with Bookwhip and I am extremely happy with their work. My book design with the original publisher was very basic, but the Bookwhip team designed an incredible book cover for Probability Mechanics that captures the essence of the book and adds an amazing aesthetic that reflects the scientific and mathematical nature of the book. Probability Mechanics has over 150 equations in it. The original publisher was able to reproduce these equations with low resolution only. In contrast, Bookwhip provided the book with an extremely high resolution reproduction of the equations that enhance the eloquence of the book. Bookwhip has also posted an advertisement for the book on Facebook which is both interesting and professional. All in all, I am very satisfied with the services of Bookwhip and would recommend them to any author. I would also add that their people are extremely professional and courteous.

– Dr. Louis M. Houston

Jean Lee

There are times in life when a writer finds a company who cares about every single aspect of book design and marketing. The beauty is that Bookwhip found me and proposed to re-publish my book, Living the Legacy. Bookwhip takes their professionalism to the next level by establishing a personal relationship with the author. It is a high priority to me and extremely important to establish an understanding of my goals for not only one book, but future plans. The expertise and attendance to every detail of my Senior Literary Agent, Kevin Leeroy, has been an amazing experience. I offer accolades to the design team who produced an extraordinary cover that perfectly compliments the content. Prices are very competitive in comparison to other companies. Professionalism, outstanding client services, artistic design and pricing are a winning combination. I offer thanks to the staff of Bookwhip and recommend Bookwhip to any author who is looking for excellent service combined with quality.

– Jean Lee

Stephen Robert Sutton

I am writing to say how impressed I am with my publisher ‘book whip’ they are marvelous, nothing is too much trouble and it is so nice to have a publisher who cares about its authors. They consider the authors need and not financial gain which other authors seem to do, they keep in touch and are there to advise their authors in their projects. Authors have a constant battle to establish themselves and get themselves known, and so book whip are at hand offering to help. Good publishers are hard to find so I am so pleased that I am with them for my books such as ‘Cracked porcelain’ which they have recently republished for me and assisted with my book design making it attractive and exactly to my instructions. I will not hesitate to recommend them to.

– Stephen Robert Sutton

Betty Lowrey

Having been with several Publishing companies previously, I have found Bookwhip to be a pleasant relationship towards publishing my books. Today as the phone rang continually I was asked to change to other companies, but when told my books were becoming more obvious through association with Bookwhip I was delighted to learn they are available in places that writer’s know count! If there is a question it is a blessing to know you can pick up the phone and talk to someone at Bookwhip. You do not feel intimidated, you feel, “well, at last someone understands.”

– Betty Lowrey

Dr. Linda Turner

Bookwhip is a company that has won my heart. This company knows how the cover and the interior design should work to “show and tell” the author’s story. The Bookwhip sales and design team rocks! They worked with me to create a beautiful new cover for The Ecumenical Affair. I’m delighted.

The cover now conveys the idea that today’s woman of faith challenges the thinking man of yesterday. It also lifts up the crux weighing heavy on the Woman and the Man’s broken hearts. Caught—in adultery—they stand back to back. Will they ever see each other again face to face?

I am so grateful Bookwhip found me. Thanks to Bookwhip, I know people will find The Ecumenical Affair. Bookwhip has brought my story out of the graveyard of disregarded books and given me hope. I’m looking forward to working with the Bookwhip team as we redesign the interior. Together we will win the hearts of readers in the United States, Asia and Canada—selling thousands of books.

– Dr. Linda Turner

Dr. Rimaletta Ray

Thank you ever so much for such an insightful understanding of my vision. You have reflected it perfectly in the title page. I like the positioning of the text and the chosen colors, as well as the fact that you put the image of Jesus Christ because it is the best choice for the book with such content.

Thank you and your team dearly for your very respectful work at my book. Your company is truly great, and I am thankful to you again for having talked me patiently into dealing with you. You make me happy with this choice. My best regards to your boss for being so intent on the value of the books that the company is launching into the world.

– Dr. Rimaletta Ray

Gerbin  Miche (Antología Poética)

The beauty and art of publishing is in Bookwhip.

It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to republish my book, Antología Poética, (Spanish edition) on Bookwhip.
Bookwhip has talent, professionalism, amazing work ethic, Bookwhip turn my manuscript into a legacy book. Thanks to my literary agent, Kevin Leeroy, his wise advice and experience have taught me to become a better writer.

Bookwhip means: beauty, elegance, trust…

Bookwhip is a company where every author can put their confidence on.

I want to thank the whole team of Bookwhip, for the extraordinary work, professionalism and outstanding client service.

Thank you mister Kevin Leeroy, thank you Bookwhip for this wonderful opportunity.

God bless Bookwhip.

– Gerbin Miche (Antología Poética)

Grace Larson

Bookwhip contacted me with suggestions to make the sale of my book more profitable. They have designed a beautiful cover and the Interior is very well done. My book has quite a number of photos at the beginning and those are shown in very good detail. Kristen has been a big help as she has guided me through this entire publishing process. I am going to have Bookwhip republish my book about a convict.

– Grace Larson

Dr. Joseph Wint

Bookwhip has republished my book, Secrets of A Happy Marriage. They gave it an attractive and exciting cover.The size of the print was just right for me; it makes for easy reading. Too many books are printed with print size that hurts the eye. The relationship that Bookwhip established with me was just excellent. It was respectful, professional and friendly. It felt like a family affair. My special consultant was Jessica; her service was proficient and superb. I heartily recommend Bookwhip for writers who are looking for an excellent publisher.

– Dr. Joseph Wint

Newton Malony

I needed a publisher. Bookwhip came to my rescue. They did a first class job. I am proud. I will be back again. Include me with those who say “Good job!”.

– Newton Malony


I wrote a book previously and it was published with another company and there is absolutely no comparison in the service. BookWhip stands out over and above any other company. A few months ago I began writing my second book and it was like publishing companies could read my mind. I began receiving calls with offers to publish both books. After much deliberation I decided on Bookwhip and I am so glad I did. They are doing a great job and I couldn’t be happier.

I feel that if you don’t have someone in charge that keeps everything moving smoothly the system may break down and I am so blessed to have Clair Brooks guiding the publication of both of my books. I have been telling everyone within hearing distance that they should write a book and BookWhip should be their publisher of choice…. and be sure and ask for Clair.

– Judie Dietzler
Author, Certified Toxic-Free Coach


Bookwhip plays a vital role in helping its authors develop their potential and reaching out to the world with their work. Offering a high quality and innovative stance, the staff work closely with the author to raise their aspiration, expectation and promote their achievements.

First impression are always lasting and I can never forget the very first day I had chat with my Publishing Consultant, Clair Brooks. It was like talking face to face with someone I had known from Adam. She blended her presentation with humour, frankness and excellent listening skills, making me feel as if my book as already gone live. Since that till now, working with the great team at Bookwhip has been a joy every step of the way.

Clair has become more than just a Consultant but a good friend who is well versed in the publishing industry and offering me all that it takes to get your book recognised. She is an asset to Bookwhip who can convince you that you are getting the best offer and indeed delivers nothing but the best.

– Nick Ochere

john b holway

Bookwhip has been of great help and has been very patient in accommodating my crazy whims. They also works fast and got my book out in record time

– John B. Holway