Book Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts for Authors

You may have written a great book full of engaging characters and never-saw-it-coming plot twists. But no matter how well you have written it, it cannot sell itself to your target audience. If you want to earn any money from the book you have spent many sleepless nights hunched over on your laptop typing, you need to know the book marketing dos and don’ts. Here are some of them:

  • Do: Know about your industry.

    You wouldn’t want to begin marketing your book without having a clue about the market you want to target. Do your research on which bloggers you should choose to send advanced reader’s copies to. You can also take cues from the prominent authors in your industry. Try to investigate what methods they use to market their books.

  • Don’t: Rely on the opinions of unqualified people.

    Of course, you would want to get advice about marketing your book. But, you should bear in mind that the people you consult over this matter need to be able to say something that is relevant and can help you. Talk to experts who work in the industry or know about the people you want as your audience.

  • Do: Prepare to shell out some cash.

    To sell your book, you need to invest in its promotion. This can include hiring someone to design a book cover. For example, picture yourself in a bookstore. The typical scenario here is seeing people pick up a book that strikes their fancy. Most often, it is because of the way it looks. This is why you need to invest some money to have a cover that attracts readers.

  • Don’t: Be a Negative Nancy.

    There will be instances when you will have bouts of self-doubt. You may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having many different books out there compete with yours for the attention of your target readers. However, you should remember to steer your focus away from negative thoughts. How you choose to think plays a part in giving you the push to sell your book and become successful, so think positive!

  • Do: Build your audience.

    Take advantage of social media platforms to connect with people—those you want as your audience and fellow authors. Being active on social media is one way to spread the word about your book. Create a page on Facebook, have a Twitter account set up, or have a profile on Goodreads. Technology, when used well, can be a great tool.

  • Don’t: Spread falsehoods.

    As someone new to the world of publishing, it is best to start on a good note. One of the best ways you can do so is by establishing your credibility. Being truthful is the emphasis here, as readers have discerning tastes and can easily recognize your lies. Don’t market yourself as an award-winning or best-selling author. This will only damage the reputation you have been trying hard to build. Stick to the truth. You will eventually get the recognition you deserve.

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