6 Important Reminders Newbie Writers Should Keep in Mind

In gist, writing is about translating your ideas into words. However, what happens in between is earth-shaking. If you are an aspiring writer who thinks you can just walk down the yellow lane, you are very wrong. It is a harsh world out there. If you will not hold a good grip on yourself, you will be eaten alive.

Nobody starts big, most especially in the writing. You have to crawl and wriggle your way to the top. You will gain battle scars. You will bleed but you need to patch up, reclaim your pen, and start writing again. To give you encouragement, Bookwhip leaves the following tips for greenhorn writers:

  • Immerse yourself.
    Since writing is about culling out what is in the back of your mind, it is most essential that you fill your brain with memories of varying degree. To do so, you should go out and experience the world. Read a lot. Meet strangers. Do things you have never done before. Fall in love. Every unique happening will dramatically shape your writing sense.
  • Continue learning.
    If you have no formal writing background, why not try enrolling in a short literary course? Though writing is a freestyle form of art, it still adheres to certain forms of formalities and bounds. Learning those things could help in improving your skills.
  • Avoid becoming another artist.
    Be your own writer! Do not become your favorite artist or the most awarded best seller. Lack of originality is often despised by editors and readers alike. To incorporate your personality into your writing, you must become vulnerable and honest. Write as if your heart is holding the pen.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment.
    Random encounters may lead to precious moments. So long as what you are about to do is safe and legal, dive in. From there, you might pick up inspirations could improve your craft.
  • Accept criticisms constructively.
    There will be people who say bad things about your output. But instead of reacting aggressively and negatively, try to pipe down and accept them positively. You are not perfect. Use the negativity as your stepping stones.
  • Find professionals who can help you.
    You cannot do this alone. You need other minds to help you. At the very least, find yourself a good editor.

Having your book read and recognized by millions of people around the globe might be one of your loftiest dreams. That goal may be hard to achieve but it is never impossible! Continue on keeping your aspirations high and let Bookwhip back you up.

Bookwhip is an online book reseller and publishing associate. We assist both big and small writers in getting their works popularized and introduced to different kinds of readers. We also offer a book management system that is highly recommended for freelance writers just starting their literary journey.

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