5 Effective Ways to Market Your Book

5 Effective Ways to Market Your Book
That’s one fantastic book you just finished writing and now it’s time to get it out there. As a writer, you probably have some idea on how to do that, but it may not be enough. Then again, you are a writer and not a marketer, so that’s completely understandable. In light of that, we have taken it upon ourselves to list down these five (5) essential book marketing tactics that will help bring you more success in the future.

  1. Gorgeous Book Covers. These days, it’s all about the book covers. Well, maybe not completely, but they do play a huge part in getting your target readers to make a purchase. An attractive cover is pleasing to the eyes and further entices a potential buyer. Your cover doesn’t necessarily have to be the best, just not the cheapest looking one out there.

  2. Popular Book Reviewers. One of an author’s main concerns is whether their book would be well received by the readers. You can help boost the sales of your book by choosing top reviewers. Your reviewer should be considerably knowledgeable, if not an expert, of the particular genre you are writing. When a well-known reviewer raves about your book and gives it positive reviews, you can pretty much guarantee a boost in book sales.

  3. Working on Your Personal Brand. Readers are also interested in knowing about you, the author. Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there and let your readers know about your principles, interests, passion, advocacies, as well as inspiration for writing. Give them as much of yourself as you can and always be true to who you are. There’s nothing like pure authenticity to connect you with your audience.

  4. Joining Social Media Groups. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide an excellent platform for self-published authors to get their books out there, as well as gain further knowledge about the industry. You can interact with fellow self-publishers, get peer reviews, exchange tips, and develop contacts.

  5. Getting in Touch with Influencers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter influencers can make all the difference in the world. If these guys start talking about your book, then most of your problems with regards to marketing will be solved. These people can influence potential buyers by giving you or your book a shout out on social media, mentioning your name or the title of your book during public talks, and by discussing you, as an author, and your book during special events.

    Think about the people you’d want talking about you and your books. Think about the people they influence. If the fans get wind that someone they admire and look up to is reading your books then they would certainly want to get their hands on it as well!

Bookwhip looks forward to helping you find success on your journey as an author and self-publisher. For more book marketing tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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