4 Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book

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When you have tirelessly worked in putting your ideas into writing, have done all the necessary editing, and have already partnered up with a good distributor in publishing your manuscript and turning it into a book, then you may be struck with the last and perhaps, most important step in self-publishing, and that is marketing your work.

Marketing or promoting your book is not easy. With today’s influx of new authors and publishers, it can get really challenging to be able to put your work out there and to get people to find your book. With that, however, here are some ways of promoting your book and even yourself as an author (these can be of great help to you in the future):

  • Create a Website and Blog

    Having people find and know your work will not come in easy nor will it come for free. When intending to market or promote your book, especially if you expect to write more than just one, it will be of huge help to buy a .com domain and create a website that can advertise your book and you as an author. It is also imperative to write blogs which will include keywords that will enable net users to be directed to your website.

  • Utilize the Power of Social Media

    Of course, we all know that the whole World Wide Web revolves mostly on social media and for a good reason, social media does not only enables people from various parts of the globe to communicate with one another. It also allows individuals to share a post, blog, website, photo, video, or literally anything and get a global audience to see and re-share it. Use social media, then, as a platform to promote your work, and have it seen and shared by many people, thus, increasing your chance of getting potential customers.

  • Choose a Great and Interesting Book Cover

    This may be in the publishing process of your book but it is a very important step to consider in the marketing aspect as well. A good cover can help sell a poorly written book but often times, a poorly made cover can’t help sell a great book. Not to say that you would have to depend solely on the cover since people will tend to talk about your work if it’s written poorly. Quality writing and a good book cover should come hand in hand.

  • Find a Good, Trustworthy Distributor

    You don’t have to do the marketing work all by yourself. Your publisher and/or distributor can also promote your book through various means. Therefore, it’s important to find a distributor you can trust such as Bookwhip that will help your work gain the attention it needs either in brick-and-mortar stores or on the World Wide Web.

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